What to look for in a grill mat and why you need one

Grill Mat

Welcome to our site where you can learn about the risks of grill fires, what a grill mat is, and what to look for when purchasing a grill mat. We hope that this is valuable information that can save you a lot of time and possibly even save you from fire damage.

Risks of grill fires

There are a lot of dangers grilling with a barbecue outside. A strong wind can blow hot coals and ashes on your deck and start a nice fire before anyone realizes what is happening. Even if you are actively watching your barbecue, charcoal can drip out of your grill and leave a nasty burn mark on your valuable deck. No matter how fast you pick up the charcoal from your deck, the damage has already been done. Because of this risk, a lot of people resort to in-optimal places for their grill cooking. At the cost of ruining a pristine deck, many gill owners won’t even cook on their decks or patios and resort to the embarrassment of grilling on their driveway.

Another tragedy to grilling doesn’t even involve coals. This risk is grease fires and grease damage. Did you ever think what happens when you leave your grill outside day after day? Like a car, it contains oil inside of it. Ever notice oil and grease drips underneath your cars? Well, how would you like that on your deck? It is basically impossible to remove a grease stain from wood once it has soaked into the porous wood fibers. Damaging your deck is a small worry compared to losing your whole house due to a grease fire. If you need a news source for extra worry about the dangers of barbecue grease, read this recent article about a family who had just cooked steaks and had their historic home totally destroyed by a grease fire from their dripping barbecue.

What is a grill mat

Grill Mat

Think about the barbecue parties you have in the summer. Being able to converse with the cook and being able to smell the sweet aroma of the juicy meat is key to a enjoyable barbecue party. Why would you give all this up just to be able to save your deck or patio from burns, stains, or possibly your whole house? You don’t have to! A grill mat will allow you to cook on your deck, near all your guests, without worry. A grill mat is basically a fireproof fiber rug that fits underneath your grill, protecting your deck from charcoal fallout or from grease drippings  getting onto your wooden deck.

What to look for in a grill mat

A grill mat should be large enough to well cover your entire grilling area where anything might drip or fall onto it. When in doubt, always buy the larger size mat. You don’t want to end up with a mat that is too small and, therefore, not fully protecting against damage. It is important to buy a specialized grill mat, and not some other type of fire resistant mat. This is because in order to protect your deck from moisture accumulating underneath the mat, it should be made of absorbent fiber with an anti soak-though technology, and also a waterproof backing. This will help keep your deck mildew free and free from water damage. A quality mat will also be machine washable in case food spills onto it. An option on higher-end grill mats is stain resistance. If you really don’t want to worry about getting the mat dirty and needing to wash it all the time, a stain resistant grill mat would be your best choice.

Some good choices for grill mats include the Drymate exta-large grill mat, DiversiTech grill pad, or even Backyard Basics grill mat, which comes with a choice of embroidered university sports team logos.